Truly Grass Fed™ Makes Sustainability Hot List

For many visitors, Natural Products Expo West is an opportunity to identify the latest trends in the natural, organic and healthy products industry. This couldn’t be truer for online influencer and wellness trends expert, Heather Smith of the theHAUTEbar, which serves up the most inspiring and innovative products to consumers, the media and brands looking to live well through better-for-you food, bevies, beauty and lifestyle products.

The ‘Hottest Wellness Trends’ co-op media tour took place live from Natural Products Expo West and Truly Grass Fed was proud to be featured in this segment as Heather’s Top Sustainable Brand of the Natural Products Expo 2019.

The quality of our Truly Grass Fed products is a reflection of our relationship to our world. We are constantly striving to do better, be better and achieve a truly sustainable milk supply with a minimal carbon footprint. That’s why we created our Truly Grass Fed Sustainable Program in which our farms are certified to the Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme (SDAS), which is part of Origin Green, Ireland’s national sustainability initiative.

Heather’s media tour gained more than 82 Million impressions with 223 airings of the content reaching many of our key metropolitan markets such as Los Angeles, Washington DC, New York and Las Vegas to name a few.

Click through the link here to see some of the live TV segments from the media tour that aired throughout March on US national & regional stations:

The media tour also gained traction on other platforms such as radio, social media and multimedia news releases including the International Business Times which has an audience of 15M+